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Image by Shane Rounce


Lasonja Washington, is an entrepreneur, mother to her own daughters. Lasonja comes from a generation of strong women who value the young lives and the future of our youth. Over the last 35 years, Lasonja’s family has welcomed over 30 foster children into their home. She grew up meeting youth who were displaced from their homes and welcomed into her biological dwelling. In doing so, she learned
the dimensions of the term “family.''  



As a licensed foster mother for more than 20 years, she maintains the legacy of her grandmother, by continuing to foster youth at the family home located in the Englewood neighborhood, while raising her four adopted and biological children.

She consistently looks to provide resources to children and families in her community. From helping teens reenter school, to organizing food and clothing drives to obtain donations for families, Lasonja works tirelessly to give children access to a bright future.  As the Founder of House of Many Blessings, Lasonja elevates her efforts. With resources through her membership networks, support from family, friends and life-minded leaders, she will achieve her goal of creating a “mall” of support services.



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